“The church is the people”

“The church is the people” is a phrase I’ve heard in the past. This is certainly true of Chiddingfold. The church is very much the family of people who have experienced knowing Jesus for themselves. Our church family comes in all sorts of ages and backgrounds and the thing which holds us together is our common experience of God’s love changing our lives and giving us a new future.

Leadership at Chiddingfold Baptist Church is many layered. We’ve done this in order to spread the workload, and to enable those gifted in specific areas an opportunity to put those gifts into action.

The Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is responsible for the spiritual vision and direction of the church. Members of the Leadership Team are assigned to oversee and encourage different ministry departments.

Please click on the photos to “get to know” our leadership team and to contact them.

João Bolzan – Pastor
Andy Durand – Elder
Derek Partner – Elder
Ann Moore –  Deacon
Rosemary Harris – Deacon
Ros Clift – Deacon
Charlotte Bolzan – Deacon/Pastors Assistant
John Allen – Deacon
David Clift – Treasurer
Roger Burberry – Church Secretary