2020 New Year’s Message from our Pastor

2020 New Year’s Message from our Pastor

1st January 2020

We shall enter another year and decade with gratitude; we receive it as a gift from God. May the new year be an opportune time to get to know God better and to make Him known wherever we go. May we share the Good news of the Gospel and have an abundant spiritual harvest. May 2020 be a unique year, one of close communion with our family and friends, of effective participation in the church, investment in God’s Kingdom and prosperity in all areas of ​​our lives.

What are your dreams and resolutions for 2020? This is an opportune time for you to set some goals for your life. It is wise to leave behind that which has hindered your Christian walk, it is wise to add some positive things you may have omitted. Jesus taught us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and promised that He would look after the rest for us. Make sure you are right with God; give your family priority; get involved with your church and be a contributor; help someone close to you; be generous in sharing; do your job well; study hard; give more attention to your children; respect your parents more; take care of your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit; cast all your anxieties on Jesus for He cares for you and do your best for the Lord, He deserves it!

Don’t give up your dreams, be optimistic, we all have dreams and goals to accomplish in 2020. Work hard towards achieving those goals. Do your best. Do everything well and depend totally on God. Dream big dreams for God. Since we serve an omnipotent God, remember that for him nothing is too difficult, nothing is impossible, therefore never give up dreaming, knowing that God’s dreams are bigger and better than yours, and knowing that God is powerful to do infinitely more than anything we ask or think, according to His power working in us.

Happy New Year to you all!

João Bolzan (Pastor)